N.S.C.S bvba

ICT services for private individuals,

small and medium sized enterprises.

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    N.S.C.S. bvba was founded in 1999 by Robin Van Elsen. N.S.C.S. is the abbreviation of Network, Software en Computer Services.

    We offer our services to you for supplying and searching of Network, Software and Computer solutions. We help, together with you, looking for solutions, depending on your needs. We help you with optimizing your server, software, network and computer park.

    All this we do in an independentand objective way. We offer our knowledge and experience to Small and Medium Enterprises, included private individuals.

    We help you with all your computer and communication questions. You probably know them, all those things you don’t want to be bothered by but you have to deal with them. Computers that don’t work as they should, that document you cannot find back or the mails you cannot send. Your mailbox bulked with spam. The painful “I wish I had taken a backup” after your computer stopped working …

N.S.C.S. bvba aims with their services to Small and Medium Enterprises. Customers that do not have ICT as its core-business. Companies too small to have an ICT staff, due to the lack of budget funding and trained ICT personnel.

    We can and want to help you with all this. Together with you we determine what is really important for you and how we can setup company procedures to make everything manageable and controllable. What do you need, what you don’t need … what to ask with you regular IT supplier.

    We help you with your ICT projects, we make a clear scope, we determine together your budget and in what timeframe your ICT project would be suitable to realize. If needed, we also manage this complete project for you.

    That is what we do, simple, independent and objective.Without being tied up to specific suppliers, we respect your relationship with your current suppliers, we just make sure everyone benefits.